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Time To Think

Little did I know when I suggested a Blogging Challenge from September to December that returning to work after the summer break would mean my brain would work to rule and refuse to let a single thought solidify enough to write a meme never mind a blog post. My “Things to Do After Work” list has apparently reduced to just one item – vegetate in front of the TV before sliding into fitful sleep. Okay so it’s only one week and anyone can find themselves too busy to write over a single week, but this is Sunday and my brain still feels like it’s been playing with the switch on the Novocaine machine( so please excuse the mental drooling).

Despite that I still feel the urge to throw down the gauntlet and challenge anyone who wishes to take part to write blog posts on the following topics between now and New Years –

  • A book / movie / TV series review
  • Dinner with my hero – the food, topic of conversation and reason you picked this person
  • A song – what it reminds you of or means to you
  • A list of 5 things you like about something
  • Christmas
  • A place I’d like to see before I die

The only rule is that the blogs have to be written in sequence……..simples (as those cute meerkats in the adverts say). Since I’m not the competitive type I haven’t suggested picking a winner or anything like that, but hey I’m open to suggestions.

Now where did I leave my membership card to the Brain Gym…?

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