J&M_WEDDING_17My niece got married the other day. It was a relatively small wedding by todays standards with about 120 guests in attendance. The church ceremony went well – except for that one occasion when the priest got the grooms name wrong…oops!- and even the weather turned back into a glorious summers day with sunshine and unseasonably high temperatures. You know how it goes, the women dress up and the men dream about when the bar will open. A million photographs are taken, but only a small percentage of them will be worth keeping, and the Happy Couple will get a literal pain in the face before the cake is even cut from responding to the command “smile”.

J&M_WEDDING_3I long ago gave up taking my SLR to weddings because I tended to forget the reason for being there and got caught up in taking photos. Taking pictures set up by the official photographer over his or her shoulder made no sense and as time went by I started concentrating on candid shots of the guests rather than snapping the every move of the wedding party.

This time I J&M_WEDDING_1handed over the mantle to my daughter who has a real attachment to her camera and was unlikely to leave it behind and she takes better photographs than I do anyway. I decided to rely on my trusty little Samsung compact for the odd ‘snap’ that caught my eye. The quality was reasonable and, as I expected, I didn’t feel the urge to add to the other 999,997 other photos that will be shared on Facebook over the next few days.

It was a lovely day and the new Mr and Mrs were, to coin a phrase, radiant, with an inner glow to match their outer finery.

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