gemmaThere are many things about life that confuse me and most of them will continue to do so, but maybe someone could shed some light on something that I can’t get my head around – how come animal shelters are overloaded with abandoned dogs and cats and yet they refuse to allow people working full-time to adopt the animals? They also insist on visiting your home and passing judgement on the adoptees living quarters.

They obviously want to make sure the poor unfortunate animal fairs better with you than it did with its previous ‘owner’ and that in itself is understandable, but the vetting is a bit OTT.

It’s especially illogical since if you put your hand in your pocket and go to a breeder or even a private citizen selling pups on a website like eBay or donedeal, there’s no judgement passed because your lucky enough to have a job and certainly no hint of checking out the accommodations! In fact  if you’re in the market for a mutt you can even get one for less than the fee the shelter will charge.

To take this to the extreme of illogical behaviour, nobody makes either of these stipulations before you can get pregnant and the hospital will let every mother take her newborn baby home (even without any experience of parenting) and never have to check out the house or apartment first or ask if she can afford to feed the child or is having childminding problems. Go figure….

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