NEW YORK, NEW YORK! (Challenge #6)

New York City, USA is the place I would like to see most of all for a number of good reasons and here they are (in no particular order).


  • I’m a shopaholic and would love to roam through the department stores and shopping thoroughfares of the Big Apple (preferably with someone else’s credit card!).
  • I was raised on TV cop shows based in New York, like Kojak and Cagney & Lacey and now Bluebloods. So I kinda feel I already know the place!
  • The sights to see – Lady Liberty alone would be worth the trip.
  • The bars and the restaurants- pastrami on rye, please.
  • The people – it’s THE melting pot of cultures. no surprise the UN is based there.
  • The fact you can be your ‘authentic’ self there and it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

So now you know. Where would you most like to visit?

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