grassHave you ever set out to do something, fully sure of what it was you wanted to achieve, only to find yourself on the road to that achievement without a map or signposts? I’ve found myself in that unenviable position when it comes to this blog.

I intended it to be a potpourri of thoughts that flow through my mind from time to time and to share these notions with other travellers through the blogosphere. Obviously I’m doing that (you’re reading one of those thoughts right now), but I don’t think I banked on how eclectic my tiny mind actually is and how following it down the rabbit hole could become more like rummaging through the town dump than browsing through a jumble sale on a warm summers day.

sit(Sorry I got distracted there for a moment while three dogs engaged in a playful wrestling match between my feet!)

Now I find myself at a crossroads and the only direction I don’t want to go in is back to where I started. I suppose it’s only natural to stop from time to time on any journey, rest for a while, and take stock of where you are. At least that’s the way I choose to view where I stand at this point.

Wise blog experts would be smiling right now because they know the only way to get visitors to your site is to focus on a certain target audience. To find your niche and settle in for the long haul, after which word of mouth (and blanket coverage across every social media outlet you can get your hands on) will lead like-minded people to bask in the light of your wisdom. Great! tunnelThen my butterfly method of alighting on subjects that stumble into my head is the very antithesis of that wisdom. And yet somewhere in the dark recesses of my tiny mind there’s a little voice whispering – “great and your blog is for people who have such eclectic interests that they want to read the thoughts of other people like them”. Trouble is that kind of person – my kind – don’t tend to stay in one place (mentally) for too long and rarely pop back along the road to visit old haunts.

walkAnd so to the point of this verbal stroll: I’m having a minor crisis of faith in my efforts to communicate with other scatter-brains ever amounting to anything more than a collection of mental ramblings. Therefore I’m going to hold a seminar for one (me) and having reviewed all of the possibilities in a variety of workshops with my fellow attendees (me), I will hold a plenary session and return here with my findings (and hopefully a solution to this very personal dilemma).

By the way, if you were attending my seminar what would your suggestions be?

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