I recently purchased a cluster of picture frames to revamp some of the walls at home. A small gallery wall in the hall is planned and given the white walls and white frames I thought some monochrome shots would be in order.

That led me to compare some shots I’d taken over the years in both colour and black & white. It’s interesting how the mood of the photo changes when it’s converted to B&W.

Take a look at this collection and see which you prefer.

St-Peters-Dome-e1363649900101 St-Peters-Dome2

france-3 france-3a

rome11_Fotor rome11_2

cork-2 cork-2a

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  • Ali

    I love the picture of the houses at the end & think it looks great in black and white & I like the mask in black & white too. I think the first two are better in colour.

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