Copyright (C) Used with permission
Copyright (C) Used with permission

There’s a stone in the road just turning and tumbling
A rock in the river fighting the flow
And on the horizon there sits a mountain
Ignoring the passage of time

The stone is a mountain that stays on the move
At the mercy of weather and wind
Facing no set direction it goes with the flow
Every turn is where it will begin

The rock makes a stand
Is resistant to change
But is willing to be weathered and worn

And the mountain so high
With its head in the sky
Is detached from the waters below

The stone or the rock or the out of time mountain
The question is which one are you
Tumbling or fighting or just plain ignoring
The tides of life passing through

Just as I woke this morning, in that place between sleep and waking, the lines of this piece of doggerel popped into my head. I had been trying to work out some things in my head when the comparison to a stone tumbling down the road at the mercy of wind, rain and oncoming traffic flashed across my inner eye. Is that what I am? A tumbling stone.

Which one are you? A stone or a rock or a mountain?

(Apologies for the poor poetry, but it’s the imagery that counts)


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