Grey brick upon brick,
Declamatory bronze
On sombre pedestals –
O’Connell, Grattan, Moore –
And the brewery tugs and the swans
On the balustraded stream
And the bare bones of a fanlight
Over a hungry door
And the air soft on the cheek
And porter running from the taps
With a head of yellow cream
And Nelson on his pillar
Watching his world collapse. 

Dublin by Louis MacNeice

I’m not really the sort of person who raves about his city or country. Largely because to a certain extent I believe where you’re born is pretty random when you think of all the decisions your parents made that led to the happenstance that dictated where your mother was when you were born. An example would be the fact that my parents planned to emigrate to the UK during the 1950s and if that had worked out then I would have been born in England and I would be British and not Irish (at least as far as my passport is concerned).

Check out my Dublin album for more of my photographs of Ireland’s capital city – here

However, every now and then you realise how much the place you grew up has had an inevitable influence on who you are and since I grew up in Dublin I want to recognise the fact that this city in effect made me.

I came across this video on Youtube and having invested 4 minutes in watching it I came to understand better why I love Dublin, even with all its faults and there are many. That’s not to say I don’t love other cities too (Cork and Bordeaux to name just two), but Dublin is my city. So as far as a random chance goes I fell lucky.

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