conorbofinIn an effort to work out why I bother writing this blog (yes I am struggling a bit with the apparent futility of writing a blog for my own amusement) I decided to do an in-depth piece of research of existing blogs written by men. When I finally finished Googling for “male blogs” and “men who write blogs” and “blogs for men” I began to wonder if I was the only one interested in blogging for the sake of it rather than sponsorship.dirayofthedad

Most blogs written by men relate to single subjects such as sex, gadgets, sport, sex, making money, sex and fashion. In fact, fashion blogs written for men by men are by far the most prevalent. Everything from high fashion to off-the-peg suits are covered and sometimes in a very creative way (yawn!). Maybe it reflects my eclectic tastes and what I’m looking for doesn’t exist because I’m looking for a blog like mine. It got me thinking about my blog and the almost completely loose focus of the posts. It really does reflect my tiny mind.

stonecityblogThat’s not to say I didn’t find some really interesting sites. Everything from David Hepworth’s blog, a variety of subject matter with a focus on music, to Tom’s site where he keeps us up-to-date on his adventures as a dad. I stopped off at Conor Bofin’s food related site One Man’s Meat, but the site that impressed me was Stone City Blog. This site is simply based on the standard WordPress twentyfourteen template and so it’s not visually impressive, but the fact it’s written by inmates at a US prison made me sit up and pay attention. Frankly, some of the posts are awkward and others are difficult to read but all of them are genuine expressions of the views of the bloggers. It made me think and even on occasion made me sad. Face it that’s what it’s all about.


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