TITLE:  Stolen

DIRECTOR: Anders Anderson

STARRING: Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, Rhona Mitra

BLURB: A detective deals with the loss of his own son while trying to uncover the identity of a boy whose mummified remains are found in a box buried for fifty years.

RATING:  4 out of 10


Stolen Lives (Stolen in the US) stars John Hamm from Madmen and Josh Lucas. The storyline is something of a mashup of episodes of Criminal Minds and Cold Case where a detective (Hamm) investigates the discovery of a murdered boys remains dating back to 1958 and the impact this has on his own life following the abducation of his own son 8 years earlier.

The story is told largely in flashback and to be honest those scenes are vastly improved by Josh Lucas delivering the better of the two lead performances. Hamm was as dour and downbeat in the role as his Madmen character, which would call into question the decision to take the role, with little or no believable depth to his angst.

The movie lacked enough emotional depth to engage you in the obvious tragedy and at the same time signposted the plot elements too clearly to make it an interesting whodunnit.

The issue of child abducation and the dated attitude towards women in the 1958 sequences might be interesting discussion points for educators.

Pro: It looked good and was well directed – Anders Anderson – as far as the feel of the movie was concerned.

Con: Not enough drama and some average performances from the lead actors.


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