TITLE:  Underworld- Awakening

DIRECTOR: Len Wiseman

STARRING: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly

BLURB: Selene, a beautiful vampire warrior, entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races. Although she is aligned with the vampires, she falls in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons.

RATING:  8 out of 10


The fourth movie in the very successful franchise and obviously the concept still has some life in it yet (well at least I’m smiling at that line considering it’s a vampire tale). Not the strongest of the series despite the welcome return of Kate Beckinsale to her role of Selene. Set in a future where vampires and werewolves have been outed and are in hiding from mankind, it trades the gothic architecture for that of a modern North American city (Vancouver to be precise). The lycans and their sworn enemies the vampires have been driven deep underground while mankind hunts and exterminated them with silver and ultraviolet.

Beckinsale is as minimalist as ever with her emotional range – she is a vampire after all- and ‘that suit’ could quite possibly be the real star of the movie. The action set pieces are suitably impressive and the iconic drop from a high building is still present, but I just couldn’t help feeling it was more of a pilot for a TV series than a major motion picture as the saying goes.

The emergence of young India Eisley and the dashing swagger of Theo James fit the bill nicely but their roles serve only to emphasise the TV feel; a bit like Christopher Lambert’s appearance in the Highlander TV series to give it some credentials and a direct link to the movie franchise, but you knew it was Adrian Paul that would carry the next instalment.

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