Solace_--_movieposterDirector:  Afonso Poyart

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Farrell, Abbie Cornish

BLURB: A psychic works with the FBI in order to hunt down a serial killer.


This movie is most memorable for me because it once again allows Colin Farrell demonstrate the fact that he can hold the screen no matter whom he shares it with. Anthony Hopkins is a dab hand at stealing the screen (okay maybe not in Van Helsing) but Farrell makes sure that doesn’t happen in Solace.

The premise for the movie is nothing new and despite the best efforts of the director to inject mood into the piece, it doesn’t elevate it to the level of ‘must see’. The main cast put in valiant performances but with the exception of Colin Farrell’s convincing menace they weren’t asked to stretch their talents.

Probably the best I’ve seen from Anthony Hopkins for some time and despite being a little far fetched at times the plot had enough twists to make it worth watching. Not a bad movie to while away a couple of hours.



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