IMG_0881-1Paparali (www.paparali.com) wrote a couple of posts profiling her “fur babies” and so I thought why not do the same for my canine companions, Dasha & Klaus.

  1. Dasha & Klaus are littermates (two from a set of triplets) born on 11th November 2013 in Kells in Co Meath – where the famous Book of Kells comes from.
  2. They’re a cross between a chihuahua mother and a kaninchen dachshund father. Kaninchen dachshunds are the smallest variety of the breed and the word “kaninchen’ in German means “little rabbit’.
  3. They were an “accident” when one of the kaninchen dachshund dogs used for breeding took a secret shine to the breeders family pet chihuahua (or she took a shine to him!).
  4. We called the female Dasha because the woman who bred them was Russian and that was the most popular name for baby girls in Russia at that time. Klaus got his name because dachshunds are German (heĀ may have been named after a TV character from The Originals, but that’s under dispute at this stage…).
  5. Dasha is female and Klaus is male. They’ve both been spayed.
  6. When we got them at 8 weeks old they were only as big as a Coke can! Now they’re fully grown they’re still no bigger than a smallĀ guinea pig.
  7. Dasha is a red sable colour and Klaus is black & tan.
  8. Although they’re litter mates they have vastly different personalities.
  9. Klaus is very friendly and wants everyone to love him and pay him attention. He offers kisses readily and sticks to me like glue.
  10. Dasha likes to play at being aloof and can give you the cold shoulder, but after a while she demands a belly rub by barking at you with a coy sideward look, wriggling her rear end and wagging her tail.
  11. Dasha jumps really high like the rabbit her breed refers to and Klaus climbs like a mountain goat.
  12. They “live” inside my hoodie and can spend all evening in their snuggling.