I was always told in polite company to steer clear of discussions about sex, religion and politics. Of all of these I can’t seem to steer completely clear of politics and now is probably not the time for me to start.

On this occasion, I want to thank the US presidential (almost) candidate Donald Trump for the many things he has contributed to humanity. Here goes-

  1. Thank you, Mr Trump, for proving that we middle aged white men are such spectacular boors. After all, that’s what our detractors have been trying to tell us for such a long time now.
  2. Thank you, Mr Trump, for turning the presidency of the US into a 3 ring circus. Maybe this will teach our children that celebrity is not always just benign curiosity.
  3. Thank you, Mr Trump, for reviving the notion of building actual walls to keep people out of your country. Well that worked so well in east Berlin…didn’t it? Oh no, that was to keep their people in….ends up the same thing.
  4. Thank you, Mr Trump, for setting back by 50 years the work carried out for decades by real human beings that have worked all over the world to promote inclusiveness and equality. Some of your racist and sexist quotes during this rabid campaign of yours have taken ignorant hatred to a new low.
  5. Thank you, Mr Trump, for creating such a sense of hatred and division at your propaganda rallies that ordinary decent Americans are now fighting among themselves instead of standing firm while their sons and daughters are fighting in foreign wars.
  6. But mostly I’d like to say thank you, Mr Trump, for managing to get onto the list of top 10¬†global risks. Because if that alone doesn’t unite the people of planet Earth in the realisation that ignorant, offensive, self-serving, maniacal dictators are still plentiful and in every country, then I don’t know what will.

My hope is that ordinary sane Americans will prove to the world that rational thought can prevail and refrain from voting for Mr Trump should the opportunity arise.


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