This is what I’m getting up to lately…

IMG_xReading: I’m reading two books at the moment. The first a thriller I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. The second a very interesting book called Quiet by Susan Cain. Both are on my #BigBookChallenge list.

Watching: As well as the usual gogglebox fodder I’ve been watching Childhood’s End, an adaptation of an Arthur C Clarke novel written in the 1950s.

Listening To: Believe it or not ABBA! I heard an interview on the radio a couple of weeks ago that said the type of music you listen to can help kickstart your day…I’ll keep you posted.

Making: At the moment I’m buying picture frames and distributing them around the house. It’s part of a clean sweep to change the look of the place and brighten things up for the summer. They’re appearing on walls but with nothing in them just yet…that’s phase two.

Looking Forward To: The summer. The weekend. But not necessarily in that order.

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