The Angel's Game

TITLE:  The Angel’s Game

AUTHOR: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

BLURB: In 2016 a pair of amateur astronomers spot an unidentified object – an object one hundred kilometres across and heading towards Earth. As it approaches, NASA and the Russian-Indian-Brazilian Coalition race to land vehicles on the unexplored surface. With power, money and politics behind each mission, both crews have orders to stop at nothing to get there first.


The Angel’s Game is Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s follow up novel to the international bestseller The Shadow of The Wind (although it is meant to be a prequel). I read the latter on holiday a number of years ago and was bowled over by not just the way he drew characters and teased out a complicated plot, but also by the literary quality of the writing, even after translation from the original Spanish.

While The Angel’s Game reintroduces the Cemetery of Lost Books and Sempere & Sons they are secondary to the main plot about a struggling author and his mysterious brush with a sinister publisher who wants him create a new religion.

I can’t fault the pace or characters, but the plot seemed a little over-complicated for my liking. The imagery, however, was superb and the whole way through the novel I was reminded of high contrast B&W movies from the 1930s filled with wets streets and ‘look behind you’ moments.

Worth a read but not up to his previous runaway success.

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