TITLE:  Stallo

AUTHOR: Stefan Spjut

BLURB: Summer 1978. A young boy disappears without a trace from a summer cabin. His mother claims that he was carried away by a giant. He is never found.

Twenty-five years later, another child goes missing. This time there’s a lead, a single photograph taken by Susso Myren. She has devoted her life to the search for trolls, legendary giants known as stallo who can control human thoughts and assume animal form. Convinced that trolls are real, she follows the trail of missing children to northern Sweden. But humans, some part stallo themselves, have been watching over the creatures for generations, and this hidden society of protectors won’t hesitate to close its deadly ranks.


Secret societies, conspiracies, kidnapping and trolls, yes trolls, sure what else would you need to create a seriously literate supernatural thriller? Throw into the mix the varied and mythical landscape of Sweden and characters that are both immediately everyday and extraordinary, and you get a novel that makes you want to read at double speed just to see what happens next.

The writing is so good that you have no trouble coping with a main character that can be hindered by needing to borrow a car and still has no trouble acting like the entire Criminal Minds team when it comes to solving a disappearance. The sense of menace builds and the unravelling of an old family mystery adds spice to the story.


Despite the 592 page commitment required to reach the very satisfying conclusion, this is a definite must read.



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