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Quite by chance flipping through blogs I came across one of those sites that always give me a tiny sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. We’ve all come across them and probably feel differently about what they mean to us. What am I talking about? A blog that once flourished but then came to a sudden stop. The reasons for this can be as varied as the people who once tended them like the graves of their nearest and dearest, but when I came across another blog that had a “Last Post” written not by the blogger but by someone else it made me stop in my viewing tracks.

The blog was Bon’s Bonbons and “This Is The Last Post” caught my eye. Bonnie’s profile tells us a lot about a person we’ve never met. She clearly loved Adam and Graham Canyon ice cream (thankfully in that order); said she was from Boston and dreamt about living in London; was always cold and slept with her feet uncovered; never drank milk and had a problem with misspelt words.

via Bon’s Bonbons

Like the rest of us, she sometimes got a song in her head and listened to it until it wore out. And that was the crux of the matter for me – Bonnie was unique in her almost ordinariness. There’ll certainly never be another Bonnie exactly like her. I know more now about Bonnie than I do about most of my family members (shame on me for that). I also discovered she had seven siblings and two children. Bonnie was a mother and therefore fearless and she was clearly loved. She died from terminal cancer on May 13th, 2015 and was generous enough to stay with her blog and us to the end.

It was a privilege┬áto be given the opportunity to meet Bonnie – even if it was posthumous – and to get glimpses into the life and loves of another human-being thousands of miles away on the other side of the world. It showed me there’s no such thing as an ordinary life filled with ordinary people. I learned something about those days when I wonder why I bother with a blog when there are so many out there. I learned I should try to remember Bonnie and all the other people who shared on the internet their extraordinary ordinary lives with strangers and made us

via Bons Bonbons
via Bon’s Bonbons

think and feel.

In Bonnie’s first┬ápost entitled This Is Not A Cutesy Blog, way back in 2008, she wrote: “This is simply a way for me to record the things that I love, am into, think are interested in, or have been mulling over.” Bonnie was true to her word.


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