100 DAYS: DAY 1 to 10

I knew it would be a challenge more than a project doing the #100DayProject but I didn’t realise how much I would get caught up in the “must do” rather than the “want to do”. Obviously I was missing the point altogether, despite having it explained to me in detail by Paparali – who by the way has been sticking to her “Less” themed project like glue.

I got off to what I thought was a good start. Making little videos of my creative efforts and enjoying the new experience, never having done so before. In a sense that learning was my first creative effort for the project.

Day One I set aside a notebook to doodle and plan. I’m a little precious of decent notebooks and hate starting something in them and not seeing it out to the end (I did mention before my hesitation to start these projects because of my wandering mind). In reality I like a “run up” to things so I started and finished some of the project entries in another notebook that I had been using for rough work. The best laid plans as they say.

Day Two saw me continue with my videos and centred around a simple doodle. I’ve been doodling on scrap pieces of paper and colouring them in for decades and certainly longer than any of these new mindfulness adult colouring books have been doing the rounds. It is quite effective for taking your mind to a quieter place, but unfortunately my naturally shaky hand makes this kind of thing a bit of a challenge. Thankfully not one that I’m letting get in the way of having a go!

Day Three was my first hurdle and despite sitting in my country garden hideaway and waiting for my muse to show I was disappointed and simply pondered on how late in the day it was and how Time would continue to be my enemy. A time doodle was as much as my tired noodle could get onto the page, but hey it’s something. Right?!

Day Four was more productive and resulted in another video of me putting together a pair of owl earrings made from seed beads and silver wire. By this stage I had decided that the little daily efforts could be as long or as short as I wanted and so I whipped these earrings together in no time. 

Day Five gave me an opportunity to try out stone drilling with a diamond tipped bit on a Dremel. I’d been planning to try this for ages but hadn’t the chance to do it. I combined this with an idea for a stretchy bookmark based on an idea I had when Nationalsteographic brought me home a string and wood based souvenir from his trip to South Africa. I think it worked out well and I’ll definitely try this again.

Day Six was back to the Dremel and an attempt to drill a hole in a nice shaped piece of rough Donegal marble I had floating around my pocket for some time (I do realise this is not “normal” behaviour but I am who I am). The different type of stone presented some problems, but it resulted in a nice and simple necklace once I added the silver chain.

Day Seven continued my experiment with drilling and this time it was an effort to make a tiny incense stick holder. Painted with left-over nail polishes and put immediately to use it made a practise effort into a practical application.

Day Eight saw me go back to paper and also fix a saying I frequently misattributed to the Buddha. 


Day Nine gave me an opportunity to doodle a shaded piece that was inspired by a piece of silver jewellery I spotted in a store window on the Coal Quay in Cork. I’ll definitely try this technique again.


Finally, on Day Ten I decided to take a leaf from Paparali’s book and clear out some unwanted books (unwanted books – that’s practically an oxymoron!) and tidy away some long forgotten art materials. The creativity came in when I had to find a new home for all the displaced “stuff” in another room.

Ten days and I can hardly believe I made it. As a fine old song goes One Day At A Time and who knows I might even surprise myself.

Have you taken on the 100 Day Project? I’d love to hear about it.

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  • ALI

    1. Having random stones & pebbles floating around in your pocket is totally normal (to me, anyway!) 2. Feel free to make more practice bookmarks/ jewellery/handmade trinkets that I will gladly take off your hands.