This is what I’m getting up to lately…

Reading: Not reading anything like the volume of books I should be reading since I’m in holiday mode for the past couple of weeks. Just finished Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. It’s a really satisfying twist on the whodunnit. Just started The Rise and Fall of DODO by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland. A SciFi (sort of…) novel about quantum physics and magic.

Watching:  Not finding TV very satisfying lately. Sticking to my staple diet of Luke Cage Season 2 with a smattering of Who Do You Think You Are? – both US and UK. Jessica Biel and Liv Tyler came across as very likeable indeed.

Listening To: TED Talks mostly and some Robert Thurman podcasts on Buddhism.

Making: Bookmarks from stone and beads and elastic and stuff.

Doing: Enjoying “pottering” – nothing to do with Harry – around the garden and doing a little fixing and mending things around the Cork house. Cleaning and sorting my man-cave, affectionately referred to as The West Wing. Clearing and covering the raised garden beds.

Enjoying: Watching a family of foxes grow up in the field at the back of the house and making friends with a very cheeky Robin that joins us for every meal (when she’s not stealing the dog food while the dogs watch). Spending “just the two of us” downtime with the Ban Cheile.

Looking Forward To: The continuation of the crazy heatwave (although it has finally rained today…)


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