I heard two terrifying statistics today and they both incensed and saddened me at the same time. The first was the fact that in Ireland a family becomes homeless every 8 hours. Not a person, a family. Most of these families are made up of a mother and her children. So 3 families every day. We only have 4 million people in Ireland. Think about that for a minute.


The second statistic informed me that 10 women are murdered each year in Ireland by their husband or partner in their own home. At home where they should be safest and by the one person they thought would love and protect them. I don’t recall their sad demise being reported in banner headlines and that’s probably because it’s no longer “news”. 

What does it say about a society that accepts that homelessness and violence are acceptable and especially at a time when we’re congratulating ourselves on how well we’re recovering from the recession. There’s never been more money floating in this country apparently and the future’s looking bright (or so they say…again). However, none of that recovery seems to have made a difference to those who live in fear of losing the roof over their head or their lives. It’s a shame. Our shame.


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