Okay I realise everybody at some stage looks at other peoples art and says to themselves “I could do that”. Sometimes we’re so off track that as soon as we try we realise it’s a non-runner, but then sometimes that’s all we need to recognise our own ‘art’ is quite good, in its own way. It took me years, no decades, to comfortable enough to think that what I do could be considered art and when I did I wanted to share my enjoyment of the whole process.

Once I got over my artistic stagefright I thought I’d dip my toe in the world of using my designs as something to share with the world on Things and that led me to Redbubble. It was my own little Redbubble Revolution.

Now I’m about to start adding my art to a whole range of make-on-demand goods. Starting with this mandala pattern. So here’s to my next adventure and it could be yours too!




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