If you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know I have two chiweenies in my ‘pack’ that have weaseled their way into my life in a way only tiny lapdogs can do. We’ve long ago given up thinking of them as ‘dogs’ and now they’re just family members. I’m not sure how I got here. I’ve always believed dogs were family pets and while I’ve always loved them I never let myself elevate them to family members before. A little voice inside me likes to tell me that’s because I knew they’d die some day and it would help me cope. A bit like farmers never naming the livestock because, well they’re livestock. Maybe that’s true and if so then I’m in trouble now!

Thankfully I’m not the only one feels this way about their canine companions and so I’m in good company. Grown Up Child No. 6 is even more caught up in this way of thinking than I am and so that lead me to thinking of possible t-shirts for doggie mommas and poppas. Since No.6 has a basset hound the logical next step was to come up with a design for Basset Mommas.



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