MTM-logo2Not that you dear reader have done anything wrong to deserve this momentary interlude during which I intend to let slip the curtain and ‘expose’ my inner me and set forth my manifesto to boot, but let’s face it it takes a certain amount of ego to release upon an unsuspecting blogosphere regular rantings about items that really only seem important to me (sometimes only mildly at that). The Ego has Landed you might quite rightly think.

In a previously undeleted manifestation in cyberspace I described myself as “Middle aged and proud of the achievement. Working in Adult & Community Education for decades. Expanding my knowledge base but not at the same fantastic rate as my waistline. Trying to leave a record of my existence, like a tattoo on the blogosphere, before the Grim Reaper comes a calling. Safe in the knowledge that only my loved ones and unlucky travellers in cyberspace may ever dip their toe into my world. That description still stands I suppose – even though it’s a little negative in hindsight, but hindsight is looking backwards and that can lead to health and safety issues when time and life are constantly going forward.

I have adopted a personal motto “Ancora Imparo”, displayed in the form of a copper plaque on my office wall, and reputed to be the last words of Michelangelo just before he died on February 18th 1564, having reached the phenomenal age for the time of 88 years. Loosely aitranslated it means “I’m still learning”. I in turn have vowed that until my last breath the most important thing for me is continue to learn new things (even if it’s only what it’s like to draw your dying breath!).

That ultimately drove me to set up this blog. It’s quite simple really I just want to stimulate anybody who happens by to think and thereby to learn, because lifelong learning is what living is all about. So now you know and technically you’ve learned something by reading this post (okay nothing of earth shattering importance but hey one step at a time) and so my dastardly plan is working. Mwhahaha!

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