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NEW YORK, NEW YORK! (Challenge #6)

New York City, USA is the place I would like to see most of all for a number of good reasons and here they are (in no particular order). I’m a shopaholic and would love to roam through the department stores and shopping thoroughfares of the Big Apple (preferably with […]


There are many things about life that confuse me and most of them will continue to do so, but maybe someone could shed some light on something┬áthat I can’t get my head around – how come animal shelters are overloaded with abandoned dogs and cats and yet they refuse to […]


Christmas is all about tradition, but not really. I think Christmas as a concept may be traditional in itself but what Christmas means to people can be very different depending on the individual and will inevitably evolve as time goes by. There are elements that remain constant; the exchange of […]