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TV Review: The Society (2019-)

Have you noticed how many books and TV shows have taken the Lord of the Flies premise and run with it? This outing is definitely above average and despite coming across as a YA version of Stephen King’s The Dome it holds its own with above average acting, an intelligent plot (once you get over the initial ‘how it happened’ piece) and a decent take on the “what ifs” – what if there were no adults, what if there was limited food, what if there was nobody to enforce the rule of law, etc.


This is the 3rd Harry Hole novel and in this instalment in the very successful series of bestsellers, the level of complexity we have grown to expect from Jo Nesbo begins to show itself. The story combines elements of both a whodunnit and a who-will-do-it by delivering a very well integrated combination of stories from the second world war and Norway during the visit of US President Clinton (although he’s never actually named in the novel).