The second in the Charlie Parker series is every bit as chilling and thrilling as the debut novel. Connolly, rather cheekily some might think, manages to move his hero to Maine and then turn the dial up on the supernatural elements of the tale. Cheeky because the master of horror, Stephen King, based his tales of the unexpected in Maine also. The risk paid off though and this novel holds its own in comparison to anything King has produced.


I realise waiting until the 11th novel in a sequence is not the best way to introduce oneself to a writer or his by now legendary character, but having said that it didn’t hinder me in any way from enjoying Wrath of Angels by John Connolly or accepting Charlie Parker as the detective I’d most likely turn to in an emergency. Apparently Connolly writes each novel to be read either as a standalone experience or part of a ‘sequence’ rather than a ‘series’ and that paid off for me because while I picked up the existence of a rich past history shared by a number of the characters I didn’t get the feeling I was left out of a private joke