TV Review: Black Spot (2017-)

This thriller with supernatural tendencies is set in probably the bleakest and most dilapidated location ever to have been broadcast into anyones livingroom. Think Fortitude without the pretty white snow, mixed with a dash of Fargo and rounded off with the weirdness of Twin Peaks.


Secret societies, conspiracies, kidnapping and trolls, yes trolls, sure what else would you need to create a seriously literate supernatural thriller? Throw into the mix the varied and mythical landscape of Sweden and characters that are both immediately everyday and extraordinary, and you get a novel that makes you want to read at double speed just to see what happens next.


The Angel’s Game is Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n’s follow up novel to the international bestseller The Shadow of The Wind (although it is meant to be a prequel). I read the latter on holiday a number of years ago and was bowled over by not just the way he drew characters and teased out a complicated plot, but also by the literary quality of the writing, even after translation from the original Spanish.