TV Review: Black Spot (2017-)

This thriller with supernatural tendencies is set in probably the bleakest and most dilapidated location ever to have been broadcast into anyones livingroom. Think Fortitude without the pretty white snow, mixed with a dash of Fargo and rounded off with the weirdness of Twin Peaks.

TV Review: The Society (2019-)

Have you noticed how many books and TV shows have taken the Lord of the Flies premise and run with it? This outing is definitely above average and despite coming across as a YA version of Stephen King’s The Dome it holds its own with above average acting, an intelligent plot (once you get over the initial ‘how it happened’ piece) and a decent take on the “what ifs” – what if there were no adults, what if there was limited food, what if there was nobody to enforce the rule of law, etc.


I’ve been reading Dean Koontz novels on and off for decades, so when I saw he was rebooting the Frankenstein story I was intrigued, to say the least. The concept of updating old stories to a modern setting isn’t a new one and it certainly is in vogue as far as TV is concerned – Grimm,


  I’m of a vintage that makes me old enough to remember a time when one of the most exciting things about Christmas was the fact that almost every channel (there were 4) had a Big Movie – around two years old – premiering on either Christmas Day or New […]